Carbon capture and storage needs a kick start, but not through double crediting

Chris Davies, a Lib Dem MEP, is pushing the EC to adopt a directive that would require all coal power plants built from now on to have carbon capture and storage by 2030.

He recognises that the market alone will not deliver CCS and public support will be required. The EU budget is locked down to 2013 and he thinks member states are unlikely to pay.

He supports a “double credit system” within the EU ETS. This means that each tonne of captured carbon dioxide is not counted as an emission and the power plant is allocated an additional allowance (or even two). The allowance has a market value and can be sold or used by another of the company’s power plants.

This type of intervention might make sense if there were fears of non-compliance and unenforceability in Phase 2 of the EU ETS, but there are not. If double crediting is sufficient to get CCS off the ground, it will cause a net increase in emissions and a reduction in the allowance price as the additional allowances are sold or used.

Other types of public support (such as a direct subsidy) for CCS would be likely to reduce the allowance price too, but they wouldn’t increase emissions – rather they would move reductions into coal from other sectors.

Coal generation accounts for an estimated 24% of European greenhouse gas emissions. This proportion will increase over the next 20 years. A successful double-credit scheme could more than wipe out the reductions that will be made in the EU ETS.


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