Energy 2020: Resource availability

Sir Ben Gill, Hawkhills Consultancy. Where is the resource going to come from? 3 places:

  1. Virgin materials – there is an enormous untapped resource from forests. The most wooded area of the UK is the south-east, and these woods could provide woodchips for biomass plants. Energy crops still have high potential – for biomass energy and transport biofuels. Virgin materials also could be used much more extensively in construction and manufacturing.
  2. Non-virgin materials – many things thought of as waste are useful resources. Up to 10m tonnes of timber are being put into landfill each year – this could easily be turned into energy. Energy from manure and the organic elements of packaging and other types of waste can be extracted through combustion, digestion etc. Food from wasteful processing, homes and supermarkets has a lot of embedded energy.
  3. Other renewable sources – waves, tidal power, rivers etc. are abundant in the UK.

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