Energy 2020: Transport

Brian Robinson, IMechE. (Note energy use by transport is included in the 15% target.) The main contribution that transport can make is through demand reduction. The government’s focus should be on the road vehicle fleet – the fuel consumption hasn’t gone down since the mid 90’s (“a national disgrace”). There is also a role for demand reduction in freight.

Investment is required for a modal shift, especially in freight. We could be using boats to transport goods round the country to much better effect, for example. These networks don’t exist so investment is required.

Biofuels are also an important area of development. Growth will be driven in part by the long term price of oil. They have been unfairly demonised – some are sustainable and they have an important role to play. 10% biofuels in transport is attainable.

Consumers must demand efficient cars – manufacturers will move fast to block legislation but even faster to meet their customers’ wishes.


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