No-one seems to like aviation in the EU ETS. :-( I do.

So, airlines will be in the EU ETS from 2012. No-one seems to like it.

Airlines of course argue that this is bad timing given the looming economic recession and rising fuel costs.

Crisis is not the time for rubber stamps. But that is exactly what the Council of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers used today – without a word of debate – to seal into law the EUR 3.5 billion cost of bringing airlines into the European ETS. It’s Brussels acting in a bubble – even in the middle of a global economic crisis,” said Giovanni Bisignani, IATA’s Director General and CEO.

Instead of a cap, IATA argues that member states should focus on liberalising European airways to improve flight efficiency:

While Brussels has been fast to introduce its regional ETS scheme, it has been slow to improve efficiency. We need the same urgency to deliver an effective Single European Sky that would save billions of Euros in cost and 16 million tonnes of CO2 annually. That we have been waiting decades for this is Europe’s biggest environmental embarrassment.

Campaigning NGOs are no happier with the decision, arguing that emissions from aviation will continue to grow rapidly under the EU ETS.

IATA: the cap will be tough if no-one does anything to meet it. The argument for better air traffic control is not an argument against a cap. Further, as demand weakens compliance with the cap will become cheaper. Witness the carbon price slipping more than 20% over the past month. If recession cuts demand by more than 3% before 2013, no additional cuts will be necessary.

Greenpeace et al: emissions from aviation may continue to grow after inclusion in the EU ETS but only if consumers decide that they want to cut emissions elsewhere instead. The allocation to airlines will decrease from a 2004/6 baseline.


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