Carbon Retirement – vote for us!

Carbon Retirement is a company I’m involved with, and it retires EUAs as an alternative to carbon offsetting. We believe that retirement of cap and trade allowances offers a credible alternative to project-based carbon offsets.

One exciting piece of news this month is that we’ve reached the final of the Daily Mail and Make Your Mark ‘Enterprising Young Brits’ competition. Part of the competition is a public vote for your favourite business. We’d love to win – we don’t spend any money on marketing and it would give us some free publicity. You have to sign in to the website to vote, which takes 2 or 3 minutes, so this is really a competition to see whose supporters are the most tenacious! We know it’s ours – so if you can spare the time please vote for Jane Burston and Dan Lewer here.

The competition closes on Tuesday 24th March at 11am.

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